Cancer Cure or Toxic Herb?

A friend of mine recently emailed me a report regarding a little known Chinese Herb called Artemisinin which promises to kill 98% of cancer cells in 16 hours. The report looked promising, and after reading it I was ready to go out and buy the herb. I was planning on giving it to my mother, whose breast cancer has returned for the third time. Artemisinin is easy enough to find. A simple google search produced many options of where I could purchase it. Although before buying it I decided to do some research on it, to find out the dosages that should be taken as well as any side effects it might have. What I found on the web has led me to have more questions than answers. It appears the report first came out in 2001. I think that if it were a miracle drug that kills cancer that it would be much more known by now. Further research found this herb being called “toxic” and that it should not be taken long term. But yet another website showed a forum where people were talking about the herb and how it prolonged the lives of their animals. A couple people said their cancer was cured just by taking this herb.

Ultimately, I decided against purchasing the herb for my mother. I do not want to be responsible for doing more harm than good to her. I am putting my trust in her doctors that they will do everything in their power to give her the drugs that will help fight her cancer and will give her a quality of life worth living.

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